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We know the dieting yo-yo.  You try something, it works for a while, progress slows and then ceases, and then eventually, you’re back to your original size.  After spending the money and effort, you’re left with despair.  If this is your cycle, then HCG Slim Track can help.


Seattle’s HCG weight loss diet is a medical based weight loss program. For clients, the HCG diet program is not a difficult to maintain exercise regiment, not  a strict dieting plan, nor a psychological behavior modification program.  Our HCG weight loss program, based in Seattle, is a physician supervised diet protocol that addresses the physiological cause of excess weight, continual weight gain, and the difficulty in dropping excess weight.  HCG Slim Track is the lasting solution to obesity and the roller coaster ride of weight loss.


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WHY HCGSlimTrack?

 HCG Slim Track is the only clinic in the Northwest receiving all seven star reviews. Read the complete rating in HCG Diet Review

 HCG Slim Track has been judged as Seattle’s most effective weight loss diet plan in 2011 Seattle CitySearch

 HCG Slim Track was detailed in D List Magazine as one of Northwests’s most effective weight loss plans